We offer a range of services to SMEs as well as the home user with equal quality of service. This year sees the launch of our Domain Hosting service with some of the most competitive and complete packages available on the Web today.

Before our incorporation, before the drag and drop 'web editors' and before Mickey Mouse's web design bandwagon started rolling, the consultants at 3L1T3 were creating one off sites for the forward thinkers of the time. Unfortunately, the skilled web development market sector has been plagued with 'coverdisk demo' junkies and wannabee webmasters, tarring us all with a once respected brush. These are the cowboys of the trade.

Look at your company website. Have you invested a small fortune? Was it well spent? There is a simple test which will reveal the most incompetent of 'web designers.' View the source code of the page in the VIEW menu in your web browser and look for references to 'generator, word, powerpoint, claris, frontpage, dreamweaver.' These words are the greatest heartstoppers as they may indicate that your capital investment could probably have been created by yourself after a couple of hours of dragging and dropping with a piece of software costing less than the average petty cash box float!

A professional site stems from sharp code and embraces your business ethics.

Besides development and design, we are the suppliers of custom-built PCs and mainstream components, technical support specialists, network analysts and domain hosts. A powerful combination of solutions under one ever-expanding roof, 3L1T3 Limited will make a difference.