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Adding Hotmail To Outlook Express

This tip will allow you to send and receive mail from your Hotmail account via Outlook Express. You will be able to view your email offline, use email stationery and save copies of emails to local folders for long term storage.

Step 1

Open Outlook Express

Step 2

Go to Tools > Accounts

Step 3

Click the Mail tab

Step 4

Click Add > Mail

Step 5

Enter the name you'd like to have displayed in your emails and click Next

Step 6

Enter your Hotmail address and click Next

Step 7

By "My HTTP mail service provider is" select Hotmail and click Next.

Step 8

Enter your Hotmail account name and click Next

Step 9

Click Finish

Step 10

Click the new Hotmail folder on the left and you will be prompted to download the folders for the account. Note: This operation will only be performed once for account setup.

You will now be able to send and receive Hotmail emails directly from your Outlook Express program.

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