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Adding To The Quick Launch Taskbar

Step 1

Right click a clear area of the task bar next to the Start button

Step 2

Go to Toolbars > New Toolbar

Step 3

Using the dialogue box which has just appeared, navigate to the folder you want to be displayed.

Step 4

For example, go to c:\my documents and click OK. A new toolbar will appear in your Windows taskbar showing the contents of My Documents. You may wish to customise this toolbar so that the contents will fit as by default, the name of the folder and the individual filenames will be displayed.

Step 5

To make the toolbar more manageable, you can remove the filenames by right clicking the toolbar and unticking the option for Show Text. Your toolbar should now be more compact and filenames will be visible by a popup name when you mouseover.

Step 6

To remove the toolbar, simply right click it and select Close Toolbar

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