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Customising Send To

In the past we have discussed the Right Click function in Windows (Using Right Click tutorial) and how one of the options was Send To. In this tutorial you will learn how to customise this menu to give quick access to applications and folders.

If you right click a file you will see that one of the default options is to Send To My Documents. In a few steps you will be able to add shortcuts to other folders in the Send To menu making your daily PC tasks simpler.

E.g. If we have a folder on our D drive called "Photos" which we need to use regularly we can add it to the Send To menu.

Step 1

Navigate to the Photos folder using Windows Explorer, right click it and Create a Shortcut.

Step 2

Right click the new shortcut folder and select Cut

Step 3

Navigate to C:\Windows\Send To using Windows Explorer, right click the Send To folder and select Paste.

Step 4

Now instead of copying or moving files from one location to another using Windows Explorer you can simply right click the file and send it directly to the Photos folder!

Step 5

Now to create shortcuts to applications. This is particularly useful to those who use a number of graphics packages such as Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, MS Paint and Fireworks and follows a similar process to that discussed above. Instead of creating shortcuts to applications manually, you can copy those already created in the Start Menu.

Right click the Start button, select Explore and navigate to the Paint Shop Pro folder. Locate the shortcut icon to Paint Shop Pro, right click it and select Copy and follow Step 3.

Step 6

Repeat Step 5 for other graphics applications.

Step 7

Now when you come across and image file on your computer, you can right click it and open it with the graphics package of your choice simply by using the Send To option.

Useful tip: Web designers should add Notepad to their Send To menu as it allows quick access to HTML source code by right clicking any .htm, .shtml, .css etc file and sending it to Notepad.

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