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Customising The Keyboard

Step 1

Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > double click the keyboard icon.

Step 2

The Speed tab allows you to adjust the

  • Repeat Delay
    The length of the pause from when a key is pressed to when the character repeats itself.
  • The Repeat Rate
    The speed at which the character repeats itself.
  • The Cursor Blink Rate
    The speed at which the cursor blinks.
Set the speed to your own preference.

Step 3

Click the language tab. Depending where you are, the language should be set accordingly. To add further languages (which would allow different alphabets and characters) click the add button, insert the Windows CD and follow the installation wizard.

Step 4

Some versions of Windows will also have a General tab which is only used to alter the type of keyboard you are using. As most keyboards are based on a 101/102 standard, the need to change this setting is rare unless you have a non-standard keyboard. You may need the installation disk for this.

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