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Customising The Startup And Shutdown Screens

Step 1

Go to c:\windows and look for 2 files called LOGOS.SYS and LOGOW.SYS. Copy these and paste them twice into a temporary folder so you end up with a total of 4 files. Two will be edited and 2 will be kept as back up copies.

Step 2

Rename the extensions of one pair of these copies to .bmp as they are just normal bitmap image files.

  • LOGOW.SYS renamed to LOGOW.BMP
    This is the shutdown screen that says "Please wait while..."
  • LOGOS.SYS renamed to LOGOS.BMP
    This is the shutdown screen that says "It's now safe..."

Step 3

Open these bitmaps in a graphics package such as MSPaint, Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro and edit them. You may notice that the images appear to be elongated as these files are not standard 4:3 resolution like most computer screens. Don't worry we have taken measures to ensure your images will look right! If you want to create your own images they need to be 534x400 at this stage.

Step 4

When you have completed your image, resize it to 320x400 and save it as a 256 color windows bitmap.

Step 5

Rename the file extension back to .SYS and copy the file back to c:\windows

Step 6

Go to c:\ and copy the file LOGO.SYS. Perform the process again from Step 1 this time creating yourself a startup screen to replace the Windows clouds. After Step 3 rename the file extension back to .SYS and copy the file to c:\

There may not be a file to replace here because the default startup screen is embedded in the IO.SYS file. If no LOGO.SYS file can be found, the system will pick up the default image.

N.B. If you delete LOGOW.SYS and LOGOS.SYS Windows will exit to DOS instead of shutting down.

N.B. If your machine reboots instead of shutting down when these logos are replaced then make sure the bitmaps are not corrupted or saved in more than 256 colors.

N.B. You can revert back to the original screens at any time by copying the back up versions of the files to their original destination.

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