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Fitting RAM

Step 1

Know your system. There are many types of RAM for your PC including EDO, SDRAM, DDR and RAMBUS at various speeds so it is essential that you know what type of RAM suits your PC. Consult your motherboard manual as fitting the wrong type can cause instability at best and system damage at worst. You have been warned!

Step 2

Leave your computer plugged into the mains and touch the metal case of the computer to discharge yourself of static electricity. Remember static can damage circuitry.

Step 3

Remove all the cables and unscrew the case. There are usually 4 or 6 screws and the case will then lift off completely or an access panel will slide off on either side.

Step 4

Two types of memory banks are shown in the image with DDR slots in blue and SDRAM in black.

The white ends of the slots are holding clips which need to be opened before memory can be installed and closed once the module is in place. Push them outwards on the slot you are about to use.

Step 5

Hold the memory vertically over the slot, align the notches and push down firmly until the white clips click into place. If they don't, push them in manually.


Older EDO SIMM chips are installed in a similar way but instead of installing vertically, it is necessary to insert the module at a 45 degree angle and push it upright to lock into place.

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