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Hiding "StartUp" In Start Menu

This is perhaps a useless tip for some but for others it will be another small way of tweaking Windows.

Note: Although the Start Up folder will disappear from you Start Menu, it will only be hidden and will function as before.

Step 1

Open Windows Explorer and go to View > Folder Options

Step 2

Click the View tab and check the button next to Do not show hidden or system files.

Step 3

Click OK.

Step 4

Still using Windows Explorer navigate to c:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Step 5

Go to the right hand pane, right click Start Up and select Properties.

Step 6

In the Attributes section, tick Hidden and click OK.

Go to Start > Programs you will notice that the Start Up folder has now disappeared. To make it re-appear just go to the View tab in Folder Options and check the radio button next to Show All Files. Click OK and everything should be restored as before.

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