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Opening Files

There are several ways to open files in Windows and the following tutorial will help you work through some of the methods.

Step 1

Click Start > Documents > Now click on one of the documents listed.

This is a quick way of opening files that have been accessed recently.

Step 2

Open a program such as Word or Excel. Click on File and you will notice that the most recently used files are listed at the bottom. Click to select.

Step 3

If the recently used files list is not showing your file you may have to do a manual search. Click on File and select Open. Now you can perform a browse through the folders on your hard drive and locate the file.

Step 4

Using Windows Explorer or My Computer, navigate to the file and double click it to open. The associated program will automatically load the file of your choice.

Step 5

With a program such as Word open, navigate through Windows Explorer or My Computer till you find a Word document. Now click and drag the file into the Word window and it will open.

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