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Updating Drivers

Regularly updating drivers is quite a important exercise as it helps your PC to function at tip top condition. Software writers from major manufacturers tweak their code to enable hardware to function under new operating systems, allow graphics cards to run quicker, apply fixes to bugs etc.

Step 1

Windows comes equipped with a function called Windows Update which can be found in the Start Menu. This will give you a run down of available Windows updates but it will not highlight hardware updates.

Step 2

Right click My Computer and select Properties for the System Properties box. Choose the Device Manager tab and tick View Devices By Type. Hit the plus next to a device type (e.g. Display Adapter) and then double click on the actual entry (e.g. Geforce3). Click the Driver tab then Driver File Details to show the driver version. It is important to make a note of the version number as this will ultimately show you if you need to update. In the absence of a version/release number, make a note of the date.

Step 3

Go to the manufacturer's web site and search for the driver download section. Compare the version of the latest driver with the version on your PC by looking at the number you took down in Step 2 and download if necessary.

E.g. version is newer than version

Step 4

Some drivers are packaged in a self installing file but quite often you will have to extract it to a folder and update it manually. It maybe a setup.exe or it may require that you update from the Driver tab mentioned in Step 2. The Update Driver button will launch an Update Device Driver Wizard which will guide you through the installation. Be sure to reboot your PC to finish the setup process.

Alternatively, you may access the System Properties dialogue mentioned in Step 2 but once you open the device (e.g. Display Adapter), select the actual entry and click the Remove button. Click OK and reboot your PC. On start up you will be prompted to provide the location of the drivers. Provide the location of the drivers you downloaded and extracted and follow the on screen guide.

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